ASBA Unity Brew 4 Pack Tall Cans

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Wee heavy times call for wee heavy beers. So for Alberta Beer Week 2020, teams of
brewers, growers, and maltsters across the province created a special series of five
Scotch Ales—or Wee Heavy as it’s known—to mark the occasion. Bigger, bolder Unity
Brew beers for the turning of the seasons.
United in style but unique in character, each beer in the series is a regional celebration
of brewing and barley that’s acclaimed around the world. All exhibit the telltale rich
caramel notes that Scotch Ale is renowned for.
Try the series, find your favourites, and raise a glass for Alberta brewers. In strange
days it’s nice to know that even while apart, we can still come together over beers.
Cheers to that. 

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